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Rollz Motion Performance is a top-of-the-range wheelchair rollator hybrid designed for off-road use with large air tyres. Perfect for users who require both a wheelchair and rollator.  
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The Rollz Motion Performance is an all-terrain rollator wheelchair hybrid with advanced shock absorber suspension, designed in the Netherlands.

This rollator/wheelchair combo is an uprated version of the Rollz Motion 2 hybrid rollator wheelchair. Designed for use off-road, it comes with pneumatic (pump up) tyres for an overall less bumpy ride when off the beaten track. With extra padding to the arms and handles, the Rollz Performance gives far less vibration to the user, especially suitable for people with arthritis, back problems and generally painful joints. The key to the Rollz Motion ultimately is the ability to transform from a rollator into a transit wheelchair with just a few clicks, perfect if the day is too long to keep walking and you need a break. The large all-terrain air tyres make travelling on rough, uneven ground smooth and effortless as less effort is required to move the rollator/wheelchair. The Rollz Motion Performance also has soft-grip ergonomically shaped handles to furth enhance the vibration dampening along with the air tyres. To emphasize the comfort aspect of this hybrid rollator, the Rollz Motion also has a wedge-shaped cushion. Which is slightly thicker at the front to tilt the pelvis back, ensuring better posture and pain relief. Come along to our showrooms and try one, always check it's available before travelling. Here is a quick video of how to transform the Rollz Motion into a wheelchair and rollator.   To view other walking aids, visit this page.


  • Available in Jungle Green Only.
  • 2-in-1 Dutch design rollator/wheelchair
  • Drum brakes for added safety in harsh weather
  • Portable air pump included
  • All-Terrian large air tyres
  • Rollator weight: 11,4 kg Wheelchair weight: 3,4 kg
  • Maximum weight capacity: 125 kg
  • User height: 1,60 – 1,90 m
  • Seat height: 55 cm
  • Handle height range: 86 – 98 cm
  • Seat size rollator: 20 x 45 cm
  • Seat size wheelchair: 42 x 45 cm
  • Overall width: 67 cm
  • Overall length: 63 cm
  • Width folded: 29 cm
  • Front-wheel diameter: 8 x 1¼ inch
  • Rear-wheel diameter: 12½ x 2¼ inch
  • 5-Year warranty
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