Living Aids

Living Aids

Daily Living Aids cover a whole range of products to help around the home. Sometimes we all need a helping hand, especially when your mobility or disability leaves you frustrated by the day to day tasks. We have an extensive range of living aids designed to help where possible around the home and garden.
Over Chair Table

We stock a selection of tables that are suitable for use with rise and recline chairs and beds. We constantly update our stock and always have these products on display in our showrooms.

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Furniture Raisers

Chair and bed raisers, footstools, tables and chair seat raising cushions. All furniture accessories are in stock and available for collection from one of our showrooms.

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Grab Rails

A selection of grab rails for use indoors and outdoors. We have grab rails that work with a vacuum attachment and ones that require permanent fixings.

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Personal Aids

We stock a wide range of personal toileting equipment and aids to make life easier. Visit our website or pop into a showroom to view our selection of products.

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Incontinence Products

We stock the Attends range of incontinence products in our showrooms. Attends has been producing branded products for people with bladder weakness and incontinence for 40 years. This highly specialized offering ranges from discreet pads for light to moderate bladder weakness to pads and disposable pants for heavy incontinence.

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