Reserve & Collect Help

Reserve & Collect is a new feature of our website to help our customers make the right choices when purchasing mobility equipment.

It was borne out of customers telling us that they had experienced disappointment with retailers displaying products on their websites that just frankly didn’t exist when they got to the shops. Time and money wasted.

All of our products have a live stock availability displayed in real time. No need to ring to see if we have it in the colour, size or quantity you want.

If the stock looks low, then you can reserve your item for 48 hours to give you time to come to the showroom.

Each of our five showrooms have their own stock displayed, so that you can reserve & collect at the showroom that is best for you.

We will not sell your details at anytime and refer you to our privacy policy here.

Reserve & Collect means you can schedule your visit to us at a time that suits you best. This allows our staff, especially for larger items, to allocate time for your visit. The product can then be demonstrated to you to ensure that you feel it suits your needs.

Reserve & Collect is not an obligation to buy. The product may not suit your needs.

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