Vat Exemption

The majority of goods and services sold in the United Kingdom are subject to VAT on top of the purchase price. The current rate of VAT in the UK is 20%.

Customers of mobility companies are able to be exempt from paying VAT on their purchases so long as certain qualifying criteria are met.

Firstly the product or service being bought must be a qualifying VAT exempt product. Not all products and services we sell are qualifying, the product or service must have been designed to be a help to disabled people or people suffering from a long term chronic medical condition.

Secondly the individual making the purchase must be “chronically sick or disabled.” The definition of a “chronically sick or disabled” individual is as follows

An individual who has a physical or mental condition that prevents them from carrying out their daily lives in a different way to someone not having the same physical or mental impairment.

You have a medical condition that is being treated by the medical profession as chronic or long term, some examples of this would be arthritis, diabetes and COPD.

Any injury that heals such as a broken limb for example would not qualify and old age is not a medical condition!

Thirdly the product or service must be for personal use only. A stairlift for example, in a communal area that was being used by multiple persons would not qualify.

We have the relevant exemption forms available in our showrooms for you when making a purchase so the whole process is very simple to carry out.

For further details please see the Government website at Goverment Advice on Financial Help for Diabled People

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