We have both transit and self propelled wheelchairs on display in our showrooms. We sell an excellent range of lightweight aluminium wheelchairs alongside electric wheelchairs.
Electric Wheelchairs

We supply electric weheelchairs that can either be self controlled or in most cases have attendant control fitted. We are able to supply most makes of electric wheelchair in particular the new range from Kymco, along with elctric wheelchairs from Drive Medical and Electric Mobility. Telephone us on 01373 836165 with your requirements.

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Manual Wheelchairs

We have the most comprehensive display of manual wheelchairs on display in our shops in Trudoxhill, near Frome and Warminster. We have both self propelled and attendant or transit style wheelchairs. There are also lighweight aluminium or steel wheelchairs available, please call us for more information or pay us a visit at one of our showrooms.

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Transit Wheelchairs

Transit wheelchairs are designed for the user to be pushed along by someone else. They will have manual brakes attached to the push handles.

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Self-Propelled Wheelchairs

Self propelled wheelchairs have larger rear wheels with a push handle ring attached to help you propel yourself with your hands.

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Lightweight Wheelchairs

Lightweight wheelchairs that have been designed to be lighter and easier to handle for both users and attendants.

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Crash Tested Wheelchair

Wheelchairs that are crash tested and passed for use in crash tested only wheelchair environments.

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Bariatric Wheelchair

Specialist bariatric wheelchairs designed and built for larger body frames and weights.

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