Handsteady Drinking Aid

Handsteady the cup with the rotational handle that prevents spills and makes it so much easier to drink with dignity.
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Individuals who are chronically stick or disabled can claim VAT Relief when they buy equipment that has been designed solely for disabled people and is for their own ‘personal and domestic use’. This mean that they pay the retail price without VAT Included. close
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This British invention the Handsteady Drinking Cup with a rotatable handle means your cup will remain upright at all times regardless of the angle of your hand. We have a short video below which shows more detail of the Handsteady Cup. The cup rotates easily when placed against your mouth or by using your thumb or other hand. No need to twist your wrist, raise your elbow or tilt your head back. Ideal for those who also suffer with hand tremors. It has a lid with holes to drink or place a straw through that is hidden from view below the rim of the cup. To view other daily living aids, visit this page.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • White
  • Large handle
  • 250 ml ( 8 fl oz )
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