Attends Cover-Dri Plus is a range of surface protection underpads specially designed to manage light to moderate urinary incontinence.
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Attends Cover-Dri Plus offers a range of surface protection underpads, specifically crafted to manage light to moderate urinary incontinence. The product features a unique hexagonal quilt pattern with individual cushions filled with fluff and super absorbents for quick fluid absorption and containment. Its drainage channels efficiently spread the fluid, preventing pooling, while the comprehensive leakage barrier safeguards surfaces from spills. The pale blue waterproof backsheet ensures the pad stays in place.

These underpads are soft to the touch, providing a gentle feel against the skin, and come with a comfortable top sheet. They are designed with an all-around leakage barrier for added surface protection and feature a waterproof backsheet. Additionally, they offer odor protection without the inclusion of lotions or fragrances.

Attends Cover-Dri Plus, available in 60 x 60cm size, is suitable for beds, wheelchairs, and chairs, and can be used during clinical procedures that require non-sterile containment.


  • Super absorbent core provides leakage protection, skin dryness and odour protection
  • Pale blue waterproof backsheet helps to keep the protective pad in place
  • All-round leakage barrier helps to prevent leakage onto surfaces
  • White topsheet allows assessment of colour of fluids/discharge
  • Odour protection reduces the risk of unpleasant smells
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