SupaScoota Sprint

This mobility scooter is the leader of the pack when it comes to needing a folding scooter, that is light and can handle all conditions. Proven to be the best, time and time again. Price from

£1,745.00 with VAT relief (£2,094.00 inc. VAT).

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The SupaScoota Sprint folding mobility scooter is the forerunner in the very innovative range of mobility scooters from SupaScoota. This upgraded version combines lightness with strength to give you a mobility scooter that is easy to lift into your car along with the features of mobility scooters twice it’s size.

The SupaScoota Sprint is capable of very high performance from it’s twin motors. The incredible torque for one so small will power you up hills with ease and along the most uneven of terrains.

The Supascoota range of mobility scooters offer an innovative alternative to the problems encountered when trying to purchase a mobility scooter that is light enough for an average person to lift, but strong enough to carry a person safely. The smart way the frame splits allows the scooter to be taken apart in seconds for storing away and the individual parts are the lightest available.

The SupaScoota Sprint has some great features to recommend it with under seat suspension, electronic stability control, twin motors, choice of SLA or lithium battery packs and loads of legroom to go with the comfortable seat just like the SupaScoota Sport models which offers larger wheels for increased ground clearance.

Just come over to one our showrooms and try a SupaScoota folding mobility scooter for yourself or if that is not possible then call us on 01373 836165 and we can come over to you to demonstrate.

The price shown is for the SLA battery version. The lithium upgrade is £250 ex vat which must be chosen at the time of purchase. The lithium battery and charger sold separately costs £450 ex vat.


  • Grey coloured frame
  • Under seat suspension
  • Max speed 4 mph
  • Pavement mobility scooter
  • Portable folding mobility scooter
  • Twin 150 watt motors
  • Large wheels for better ground clearance – 2″
  • Straight comfort grip handlebars
  • Pull lever throttle
  • Padded seat and armrests
  • Forward and reverse button
  • Electronic stability control
  • Range of 12.4 miles on lithium battery, 10 miles on SLA battery
  • Climbing angle between 9 and 12 degrees depending on user weight
  • Turning radius 91 cm
  • Spare battery packs available
  • Max user weight 20 stone or 125 kg
  • Dimensions: Length 40″(101 cm) Width 22.5″(57 cm)
  • Front frame weighs 10 kg
  • Back frame weighs 9.8 kg
  • Seat weighs 7.7 kg
  • Battery pack SLA weighs 9.2 kg
  • Battery pack lithium weighs 4 kg
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