Lap Strap for Wheelchair or Scooter

Black safety lap strap can be secured around the backrest or arm rest of a wheelchair or scooter.

£12.00 with VAT relief (£14.40 inc. VAT).

Individuals who are chronically sick or disabled can claim VAT Relief when they buy equipment that has been designed solely for disabled people and is for their own ‘personal and domestic use’. This means that they pay the retail price without VAT included.
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Adjustable black safety lap strap, which can be secured around the backrest or arm rest of wheelchairs or scooters to provide a simple solution with additional security and comfort for the user.

  • Provides additional security for wheelchair and scooter users
  • Can be used with the majority of wheeled chairs and scooters
  • Adjustable for a secure fit
  • Not be used on vehicles travelling over 4 mph.
  • This is not a toy. Please keep out of children’s reach.
  • Two sorts available
  • Net weight (kg): 0.25
  • Colour: BLACK
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