Wheelchair Power Pack Click & Go

The Click n Go Lite makes pushing a wheelchair so much easier. Fitted for free in our showrooms.

£575.00 with VAT relief (£690.00 inc. VAT).

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The Click N Go Lite  Wheelchair Power Pack from Van Os Medical is the perfect addition to any manual wheelchair. This light but powerful motor clicks into place at the rear of your wheelchair and makes the job of pushing a whole lot easier.

Never struggle again with pushing a wheelchair when you can fit a wheelchair power pack to the back of it. The click and go lite is easy to use with both forward and reverse gear and can be lifted off the ground easily when it is not required. This power pack is compatible with almost any manual wheelchair and is simple to fit or we can fit it for you in any of our showrooms.

The Click and Go is especially suited to our G-Logic wheelchair from the same manufacturer.

  • Twin drive wheels
  • 18ah battery
  • 13kg total weight inc battery
  • Battery weighs 6.8kg
  • Drive wheels weigh 6.2kg
  • Maximum user weight inc wheelchair 135kg
  • Top speed 3.5mph
  • Range 5 miles approx
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