Homecare Eco Flex Rise and Recline Chair

Eco flex chairs are perfect for multi use situations as they can be refreshed for use by another person.

Made to Order
Made in UK
Wait Time 14 to 21 Days

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The Homecare Eco Flex Rise and Recline Chair. This chair has been designed to help with the increased costs that buying multiple chairs for use within a care home or nursing home cause to the budget. The Eco Flex is fully adjustable in size so that it can be easily tailored to a new user once the existing user has no longer need for it. This ability to alter the size of the chair means that only new cushions and coverings would be required to make the chair like new for it’s next user, and so keeping the costs a lot less than buying a complete new chair.

The Eco Flex chair is, as you would expect for a chair of this calibre, fully compliant with all pressure care and pain managment techniques in having the ability to have any combination of cushion type and size fitted to it.

  • British made
  • Low friction waterproof fabrics
  • Harwood frames
  • Hand crafted upholstery
  • Choice of posture support
  • Choice of backs
  • Choice of coverings
  • 5 Year guarantee

As with all of our made to measure rise and recliners the cost of this chair will depend on the specification you choose.

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