Lightest Mobility Scooter in the World

Life & Mobility

We have the game changing lightweight Supascoota Microlite and Supalite folding mobility scooters in stock and in our showrooms now. Come over and try these proven tried and tested mobility scooters that have had the lightweight treatment applied to them. They have aluminium frames and seats with lithium batteries and fold in an instant. You will be astonished at how light they are at just over 11 kg and 13 kg each.

Follow this link by clicking here on the names of the Microlite and Supalite to see the Microlite Lightweight Mobility Scooter and here to see the Supalite Lightweight Mobility Scooter on our website.

Come over to our showrooms and try the incredibly light Microlite and Supalite folding scooters for yourself, or call us on 01373 836165 for more details.

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