Excel Sportrek Mobility Scooter

Life & Mobility

The brand new Excel Sportrek mobility scooter is now in our Warminster showroom and available for test rides. This clever design along with engineering of the highest quality has resulted in a mobility scooter that just moved the bar so high when it comes to customer satisfaction others can only look on in envy. Comments such as “over engineered” came from competitors, but ask any driver of a Bentley, Jaguar, Porsche, Range Rover or Mercedes for example if their cars are over engineered and you will get a resounding “you get what you pay for” as an answer. The Sportrek has a drive that is so smooth and stable you have to sit on it and try it for yourself. For all the details come down to one of our showrooms or visit our webpage for more information on the Excel Sportrek mobility scooter.

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