Adjustable Beds and Rise & Recline Chairs for Next Day Delivery

Updated November 2021

We now have even more choice available than last year, so if an adjustable bed or rise and recline chair is needed in a hurry, gives us a visit or call us on our freephone number 0800 234 6662 and pick a showroom.

Personal comfort is so important to allow us to relax and recharge our bodies, whether that be in a nice cosy and supportive chair during the day or a fully adjustable bed during the night. At Life and Mobility Solutions we have a superb range of quality British made beds and chairs in stock for immediate local delivery. We have taken the step to have available various rise and recline chairs and some single adjustable beds that we can deliver to our local customers either next day or within a couple of days to suit your requirements. To see the chairs and beds that are available on this basis, just call into one of our showrooms that are open during this November lockdown, Trudoxhill Frome, Melksham, Shepton Mallet and Warminster, where you will be able to try them out for both size and comfort.

Our fully trained showroom staff are on hand to advise on size and support to get the best fitting rise and recline chair for your comfort, and if that is not possible from the standard size chairs we have available, we also have a made to measure service so that we can tailor a chair to your exact requirements.

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