Scoozy Has Arrived – The Unique Personal Mobility Vehicle

Scoozy Outdoors

Great excitement today at our Melksham showroom with the arrival of Scoozy, the unique personal mobility vehicle. Scoozy is a hybrid mobility scooter cum powerchair. Taking ideas from both and combining into a truly personal mobility vehicle.

Scoozy arrives at our Melksham Mobility Showroom

Scoozy Personal Mobility Vehicle outside Life and Mobility Melksham Showroom

Scoozy was invented and developed in the Netherlands where it is currently manufactured. It has customers throughout Europe and is now available for the first time here in the UK. This has been made possible by one of our top suppliers TGA, who will be keeping us stocked up with all things Scoozy.

Take a look at this short video showing the Scoozy in use throughout Europe, it will give you a taste of what Scoozy is all about.

We will be keeping our test drive model available for bookings, in our Melksham showroom, but you can also book it at one of our other showrooms if that is more convenient for you. Our showrooms are also located in Warminster, Shepton Mallet and Trudoxhill Frome.

This very different personal mobility vehicle is I’m sure you will agree a step in a completely different direction when it comes to mobility. If freedom to go where you want and tackle all sorts of terrain, whether indoors or outdoors, tight spaces and open spaces then you really should consider a test drive.

Call us now on 0800 234 6662 to arrange a test drive at one of our showrooms.

For more details on the Scoozy see our website here.

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