Rise and Recline Chairs – How do you choose the right one ?

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Rise and Recline Chairs – Choosing the right chair for your needs.3

Firstly what is a rise and recline chair ? It is an electric powered armchair that will recline the user to a comfortable position with your feet up and will also by raising the seat up, help the user to their feet with minimum effort. Rise and recline chairs work best when the chair is the correct size for the user and ideally the person has actually tried the chair out. Buying chairs untried off the internet will nearly always result in disappointment. Buying a rise and recline chair that suits your needs requires a little more thought and consideration to get the full benefit than just buying a chair because you are told it is a rise and recliner.

A visit to a specialist showroom is always encouraged as you will be able to sit on the chairs and more importantly speak to an expert to get the right advice. The chairs have different mechanisms that make them move and these come in various types tilt in space, wall hugger, space saver and static seat, to name a few. You can have vertical lift chairs as well as rise to your feet lift. The chairs will also have single motor, dual and triple motor options available and add to this they will all have different back cushions to give support in various ways, and you can see there are a few things to consider.

With all these options it may at first seem very daunting to get the right rise and recline chair but it needn’t be, as a conversation with one of our assessors will quickly ascertain which type and style of chair would be most suited to your needs, and then it is over to you to see which chairs feels the most comfortable for you to sit in.

We have three main types of rise and recline chair for sale domestic rise and recline chairs, homecare rise and recline chairs and healthcare rise and recline chairs. All of our chairs have both standard size options off the shelf that are available for quick delivery and made to measure rise and recline chairs which are normally delivered within 3 weeks. All of our made to measure chairs are manufactured in the UK to the very highest standards of workmanship and materials and carry a 5 year guarantee.

Our ranges of rise and recline chairs are constantly being added to and all of our showrooms have an excellent selection for you to try, visit our showrooms page for details of the nearest showroom for yourself by clicking this link here.


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