Rollz Motion Rhythm

The Rollz Motion Rhythm Rollator is an exceptional rollator for people who suffer from Parkinson’s or a disrupted walking pattern. Prices start from

£1,099.00 with VAT relief (£1,318.80 inc. VAT).

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Warranty - 1 Year
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The Rollz Motion Rhythm is an exceptional modern rollator specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s or a disrupted walking pattern. This rollator is especially helpful for people who suffer from freezing episodes, as the three cue features encourage the start of a rhythmic gait pattern.

In order to keep you moving safely and securely, this innovative rollator has three helpful and convenient cues. These cues are a laser line on the ground, a metronome sound and a vibration in the handlebars. These features, as a result, can help user greatly with walking. These cues can be adjusted in accordance with the individual’s needs to ensure maximum safety and stability. A smartphone app is also available to set a combination of the desired cues and tempo. The app is very simple and easy to use and can also be used to create a random combination of cues and tempos to prevent habituation.

The Rollz Motion Rhythm has been equipped with large soft wheels and foam ergonomic handles to ensure a smooth comfortable ride. This rollator can also be folded down to a compact size that will fit into almost any car. For this reason, this Rollz Rhythm is perfect the perfect travel companion.

This rollator also can convert into a hybrid wheelchair with the additional wheelchair package and footrests. This is priced at an extra of £280 ex vat.


  • Designed in the Netherlands.
  • Smartphone app to adjust the cues.
  • Laser line on the ground to step out of a freeze.
  •  Stay in the walking rhythm with the metronome.
  • The handy vibration in the handlebar makes you feel the walking rhythm.
  • Very safe and stable.
  • Folds to a compact size.
  • Cross doorsteps and curbs easily with the handy curb assistant.
  • Innovative drum brakes, suitable for wet conditions.
  • Rollator weight: 11.6 kg
  • Maximum weight capacity: 125 kg
  • Seat height: 55 cm
  • Handle height range: 87 – 98 cm
  • Seat size rollator: 20 x 45 cm
  • Overall width: 67 cm
  • Overall length: 63 cm
  • Width folded: 31 cm

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