Pocket Easywipe

Easy and discreet to use, and carry, this folding bottom wiper has it’s own carry pouch also. See our short instructional video below.

£35.66 with VAT relief (£42.79 inc. VAT).

Individuals who are chronically sick or disabled can claim VAT Relief when they buy equipment that has been designed solely for disabled people and is for their own ‘personal and domestic use’. This means that they pay the retail price without VAT included.
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This folding hygienic bottom wiper is both discreet and easy to use. The Buckingham Pocket Easywipe folds into it’s own pouch for discretion.

Will work with tissue or wipes. Easy clean with soap and water, latex free and 15″ long.

  • Easy clean with soap and water
  • Own carry pouch
  • Folds up discreetly
  • 15″ long

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