Opera Adjustable Bed Comfort Mattress

These premium home comfort mattresses are available with the Opera home care beds and prices start at

£395.00 with VAT relief (£474.00 inc. VAT).

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Made in UK
Wait Time from 5 days

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We supply premium home comfort mattresses from Opera that compliment the home care profiling beds. These adjustable mattresses come in various models to suit your preferred type of mattress.

All of the Opera Mattresses come in sizes that suit the Opera home care beds at 3′, 3’6″ and 4′. We also offer an excellent Premium Cool Gel Pillow.

Models Available

Reflex Foam – Comprised of a single layer of filler-free comfort foam. The foam is castellated/ribbed to ensure it conforms to the adjustable bed mattress platform when the backrest or footrest is raised.

Memory Foam – This layered foam adjustable bed mattress is constructed from a visco/memory foam topper and a supportive, filler-free reflex foam base to provide the best pressure-relieving benefits.

Premium Gel – A 22cm deeply layered profiling bed mattress with layers of gel-infused foam, supportive base foam and air perforations for ultimate comfort and temperature control.

Premium HybridA sumptuous, 26cm deep layered hybrid mattress with pressure-relieving foams, two layers of pocket springs and ventilation for advanced comfort and cooling properties.



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