Moistened Shampoo Caps

Quick and easy way to clean and refresh hair without having to use water, comes in a pack  of 4.

£10.79 with VAT relief (£12.95 inc. VAT). including VAT.

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Moistened shampoo caps are a quick and easy way to clean and refresh your hair without having to use water, can be used at room temperature or warmed in a microwave to for extra comfort. The moist shampoo caps are easy to use, simply place the cap over the head and massage evenly for 2-3 minutes until the hair is fully saturated, then simply remove the cap no need to rinse water just dry the hair and style as usual. They are the ideal product for carers looking after patients confined to bed or for users who struggle to bath or shower.

  • Wash your hair without water
  • Simple to use
  • Can be warmed in the microwave
  • Ideal for camping and those confined to bed
  • Priced and supplied as a pack of 4
  • Colour: White
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