Harmony Comfort Rise and Recline Chair

Excellent chair for home caring, this chair is designed for people with long term health conditions. Full pressure care and health management chair. A specialist chair that is made to order. Call us to discuss needs and pricing.

Made to Order
Made in UK
Wait Time 3 to 4 Weeks

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The Harmony Comfort Chair. The design of this chair is for the management of long term illness and the pain and pressure relief required to make sitting in a chair comfortable. The task of the Harmony chair is to provide excellent pressure management along with correct postural support in a chair that will look good in any environment. The fabrics for this chair are available in a number of different colours and combinations to give a very distinct and individual chair. The Harmony is fitted with full rise and recline action operated by the handset.

Waterproof fabrics and interchangeable cushions allow the chair to be altered as a persons needs change. The chair is fully bespoke in terms of size to suit the person perfectly. The Harmony pressure and pain management chair is particularly suited to medical conditions and problems associated with Lordosis, Kyphosis, Pelvic Tilt, Forward Sliding, Pelvic Obliquity, Abduction, Slouching and Lumbar Support.

Poor seating can greatly effect a persons ability to function properly and so to achieve correct seating a stable pelvis area must be achieved, from this an area to support the spine correctly can be produced with the correct cushions and support. The Harmony can be made to achieve all of this, for more details and your exact requirements just call our office on 01373 836165 where we will be happy to help.

  • British Made
  • Low friction waterproof fabrics
  • Hardwood frames
  • Hand crafted upholstery
  • Choice of posture support
  • Split back with side lumbar cushions
  • Choice of coverings
  • Castors fitted
  • 5 Year Guarantee

As with all of our made to measure rise and recliners the cost of this chair will depend on the specification you choose.

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