Autochair 40kg and 80kg Mini Hoist

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The Autochair mini hoist is ideal for smaller mobility scooters and wheelchairs to be hoisted with ease into your car. It has two versions with weight limits of 40kg and 80kg respectively.

The Autochair mini hoist is simplicity itself to operate and due to it’s compact size does not take up alot of space in your car. Using the hand-held controller the mini hoist is powered from your car battery and lifts your scooter or wheelchair to the correct height to allow it to be swung into the back of the vehicle. When it is in the position you want you use the controller again to gently lower the scooter or wheelchair down.

  • Very easy to use
  • 40kg or 80kg versions
  • Fits over 300 different vehicle types
  • Can be refitted into a new car
  • Lifts all mini scooters upto 80kg and wheelchairs
  • Fitted at your home or our showroom
  • Made in the UK

Call 01373 836165 for more details and to check your vehicle is suitable. We can install at your home or at our showroom.

We also do a free demonstration of all of our hoists at your home if you are unsure that one will suit you. Call 01373 836165 to arrange.

For scooters weighing more than 80kg click here for the Olympian Hoist which handles heavier equipment.

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