Lightweight Mobility Scooters

Well the summer is finally here and with everyone getting out and about for some well earned fresh air after all the constraints of lockdown, it is time to look at how mobility scooters can help you enjoy the great British countryside again.

Mobility scooters have evolved into highly technical and clever items of mobility equipment that can be taken with you just about anywhere you wish to go, and by whatever means of transport you choose. People are taking them with them on flights abroad, cruise liners, coach trips and the most commonly used their own, or someone else’s car.

The larger mobility scooters are fairly straight forward in that they are kept at home for use in your local area and not designed for transportation, so are generally quite big and designed to cover longer distances at speeds between 4 and 8 mph.

Where the real variations in design occur is in the smaller transportable mobility scooters which are forever improving and sometimes hard to keep track of exactly what is available. The real reduction in the weight has been achieved by the introduction of lithium batteries which provide excellent power from a lightweight pack. This has now been complimented by the aluminium chassis we now find on the latest models of transportable mobility scooters. Your choice of transportable scooter is then further split into three categories which are folding, auto folding and ones that split into 5 parts.

To find which scooter suits you best it is always advised that you come into one of our showrooms and try them for yourself. It is really important to make sure you can lift the scooter as if you find it difficult you probably won’t use it as much as you would like, and that would be a shame.

The three types of portable mobility scooter can be broadly split into 3 weight bands, although all mobility scooter manufacturers seem to use the word lightweight far too easily when in fact some of them are far from lightweight to say the least. At the time of writing we would regard lightweight as under 20 kg and ultra lightweight as under 15 kg, the scooters generally fall into under 20 kg, 24 kg to 30 kg and over 30 kg, whereby anything over 20 kg is always going to be a bit of a struggle for most people.

The latest invention on the market which will help anyone wanting to buy a scooter over 20 kg is the Elev8 mobility scooter platform or hoist which will elevate your scooter to the height of your car boot allowing you to push it in. Click our link here to see the the Elev8 or pop into a showroom to see it in action. It really is very clever and light to lift.

For those happy to take scooters apart for lifting then we recommend our Trekka Air lightweight aluminium mobility scooter, with full suspension and lithium battery there is no compromise on performance for lightness.

For fuss free, then the new innovative Supascoota aluminium folding mobility scooters are just simply the lightest in the world in their class. The Supalite and the Microlite are now leading the way in truly lightweight mobility scooters that also have the pedigree of the Supascoota brand behind them.

Automatic folding mobility scooters such as the Origo 4 or the Di Blasi R30 are excellent scooters but both are in excess of 25 kg so either an Elev8 or hoist might be required if the weight is a little too much.

We have created a little section on our website called Super Lightweight Mobility which contains products that are the lightest in their class and includes a new powerchair called the Aerolite which has a simple and easy fold and is amazingly under 20 kg. Just click the link to our Super Lightweight section to see the latest and lightest available.

Nothing can really beat trying before buying and to that end we really encourage you to visit our showrooms for sound advice on mobility scooters and all the other mobility equipment that is available, our friendly showroom advisers are always only to happy to spend time discussing your needs and recommending a solution.

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