Gardening for Health and Well Being

Gardening is one of the great passions for people of all ages, whether in your own garden, tending someone else’s garden or an allotment for growing your own, the pleasure derived is complimented by the physical and mental wellbeing benefits also gained. As we grow older there is arguably more reason to continue with gardening to try and achieve the NHS recommendation of 150 hours per week of light to moderate exercise, gardeners regularly achieve far in excess of this figure with little effort as they are doing something they really enjoy, far better to get all the muscles moving doing the jobs around the garden than pounding a treadmill or peddling for dear life on an exercise bike! Getting a breath of fresh air is vital for our health and gardening outdoors provides just that. The calming nature of tending your garden and the pleasure derived from growing and nurturing your own plants and vegetables will only do good for your inner peace and sanity.

Whatever exercise you take an element of safety and thought should go into it before carrying it out, whether that is gardening or exercising and the right equipment to help will always be sensible to have. We have a couple of products in our showrooms that are designed for use around the garden to help you enjoy your passion for gardening safely and for longer.

The Garden Kneeler Bench with it’s padded cushion for kneeling on, with support handles to help you back to your feet, that you can turn over and then use as a bench to take the weight off as you potter in the garden. It really is such a clever product and such a simple idea.

We also have the Garden Roller Seat with Toolbox which allows you to take a seat while tending to your borders, or just sitting and admiring all your hard work around your garden. The seat lid lifts up to reveal a convenient storage box for all your tools, trowels and gloves and the wheels allow you to easily move it around the garden.

So with the weather improving all the time it really is perfect for getting outside, getting some fresh air and exercising without realising you are actually doing it whilst enjoying the undoubted health benefits of gardening.


Useful links to the products mentioned which are in stock now in our showrooms, click here for directions to your nearest one on our showroom page.

Garden Kneeler and Bench

Garden Roller and Toolbox

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